loi krathong 2013

CIMG8789 Kopie

every year, at full moon of the 10th lunar month of the Thai calender, the Thais celebrate Loi Krathong in order to apologize to the gods of the waters for pollution and any other mis-behaviour. it is a very famous and beautiful custom, and well worth going.
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a short trip to Malaysia


there is one quite nonsensical condition to the Thai 1-year student visa: having to leave the country every 90 days. apart from the fact that it is questionable why you would call the visa a 1-year visa then, there are two possible ways to react: 1, you get really annoyed about the effort you will have to make, about your ever enlarging carbon foot print etc. 2, you take it in a Thai manner: smile, relax and make the best of it.
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preparing to leave

Collecting Memories

time to leave home and change the comfort of familiarity for new adventures and new experiences. as a student of the International Cultural and Business Studies degree with focus on Southeast Asia and possessing 3 years of experience in Indonesia, I chose the Prince of Songkla University of Phuket, Thailand for my semester abroad destination. why would I?

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